NPMA Technical Update: Dengue Fever Reported in Florida

by Falcon August 29, 2013

There have been 7 confirmed cases of locally acquired dengue fever in Florida during the last two weeks. Dengue fever is a mosquito-borne disease that is caused by one (or more) of four closely-related viruses. Symptoms include fever, headache, rash, muscle and joint pain and potentially, the development of the more serious dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHV), which can be fatal. Dengue is transmitted by infected Aedes mosquitoes, two of which, A. agypti and A. albopictus are day-feeding mosquitoes that live in urban, suburban and rural areas in the United States. Dengue fever is restricted to tropical locations and cases of dengue have rarely been determined to have been acquired in the United States. The recently described cases were from Martin County and St. Lucie County, both located in southeastern Florida. Local and state authorities are closely monitoring the situation and mosquito treatments have been performed in this area. Additional information about Aedes albopictus can be found here. For the CDC factsheet about dengue fever click here.




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